Tailored to suit your needs following a skin mapping exercise.  Choose from Professional Salon Range of Beauty products:

Botanical Range – ideal for young or delicate/sensitive skin – products using soothing plant extracts

Anti-Ageing – for mature skin or dry skin and sun damage

Acne – for those with combination/oily skin and prone to acne scars

Skin Tone Balancing – for those with pigmentation or sun damage or uneven skin



Kaeso Professional Beauty Skin Care range is available for purchase.

Priadara Professional Anti-Ageing/Advanced Skin Repair range is available to purchase.

MK Timewise Anti-Ageing range with Hyaloronic Acid available to purchase.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Timewise Skin care range available to purchase.  Book your consultation today.

Mary Kay Cosmetics high quality Mineral make-over available.  Products are light weight and are of a velvety texture on the skin.





Within 1.5 hours your face can be transformed from looking dull, puffy, with dark circles, under eye bags and in some cases sagging skin; in to a glowing, lifted, slimmer, dark circle and bag free beautiful and more youthful looking you!


Take 10 rebuilds and lifts aging muscle, re-countours features and smoothes and tightens facial features.  Cheek bones can be enhanced and jaw lines sharpened helping to lift and tone the neck area.           Facial treatment priced £60


Micro-tech (micro-current) is added into the treatment and the sub-sensory current helps to lift the brow, reduce puffiness and smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and plump out the lips.               Facial treatment priced £60


Lymphatic drainage uses pads which are strategically placed over the face and neck area, and a gentle electrical current using a specific wave form passes through them to encourage lymphatic drainage.  This in turn helps to eliminate toxic waste, reduce puffy eyes and dark circles, reduce stress and fatigue as well as re-nourish cells for a brighter complexion.

Facial treatment priced £35


A Genie prescriptive Facial combining all 3 is also available on request.


Gift Voucher available


This facial is recommended for quick fix but a course of 5 treatments, 1 per week is recommended for those who want to improve their muscle tone, skin and puffiness around the eyes and face.  This is ideal for mature skin or for a holiday or wedding or a special occasion when you want to walk into a room with radiant complexion and confidence.  Call us to enquire about our Package deals for 5-10 treatments.